Do you want to Grow your Instagram?

Hack Your Hashtags

with IG Influencer, Monica Hill

Hashtags can do wonders for your Instagram, and I’m here to show you how!  


Through this valuable challenge, you will have the key insight into my exact formula for growing Instagram.  No bots! No spam!

All Organic!

  • Pick your Hashtags

    What hashtags to use and which ones to stay away from so that you can blow up your engagement and gain new followers 

  • The Competition

    Understand the difference between low, medium and high competition hashtags that will help you to identify the ones that work for you.

  • Attract your Tribe

    How to create personalized hashtag groups that works for you - and your business - so you can attract your tribe.


In this challenge, I don't just share "tips."  You can get those all day long.  This challenge is made up of 4 days that are quick for you to understand and put into practice.  

  • Gain Followers

    How to use hashtags to skyrocket your engagement, get more followers and sales. 

  • Shadowban 4-1-1

    What is shadowban and how to stay away from it so you can confidently use hashtags on your posts without the fear of having your posts not show up to your ideal customer. 

I'm Monica Hill

 I'm an Instagram strategist for business owners who wants to grow their business and bank account. I grew two Instagram accounts in the period of 4 years! In 2015 I started working as a fashion blogger when I was living in NYC, and I had a thriving community of 75K followers on Instagram.


On August 2018, my Instagram account was hacked and I lost everything: all my followers and posts were gone. It was heartbreaking! Instead of giving up, I decided to apply the techniques I had learned of growing an engaged tribe of 75K people and started a new account, this time focusing on helping other entrepreneurs build their business using Instagram. xo - Monica Hill


Those that have participated in this challenge have seen amazing, and quick results!  I'm so grateful to be able to share with you some of the awesome feedback I've received from "Hack your Hashtags." 

"I started the challenge on Day 1 and since completing it I have had amazing results. My engagement has definitely increased but the two key things is that my content got in front of two BIG names I follow. If you’re familiar with the Married to Medicine Franchise on Bravo, Dr. Heavenly liked one of my posts and a popular preacher I follow Hart Ramsey also liked AND commented! I actually used his hashtag. Thank you so much Monica for starting this challenge. If you are new to the challenge just know that IT ALL WORKS! Do your homework assignments and I promise you will see results! The proof is in the pudding!"


Julia Nicole


"Hey Monica Hill I just wanted to share that since the challenge I'm probably up like 100 followers and they are ones more aligned with my biz as well, so definitely making a difference!!!!   you rock!"


Rebecca S. 



"Can I just say, I’m living proof your methods work! With the day 3 homework (posting on ig with what you’ve learned) I gained 19 new followers! With ONE post!"


Alea Q.



Gain Exposure and Hack your Hashtags!

Discover the best hashtags.  Master how you use hashtags.  Increase your organic reach and promote engagement.   Grow your Instagram, so that you can ultimately grow your brand/business or influence!

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