Grow your influence and bank account!

Do you find yourself daydreaming...

about having a real influence on social media?

Do you want to build a meaningful online presence that
makes money without having to hustle 24/7?

Have something to share with the world but don’t know where to start?

Does this sound like you?

  • You understand the importance of Instagram for your business but can't figure out how to be visible on the app – that damn algorithm!

  • You tried a few different techniques that left you frustrated, stressed and with no real growth.

  • You tried following the "be yourself, post and the followers will come", but your growth is very slow or non-existent.

  • You post constantly but all you hear is crickets.

  • You ask yourself all the time: Where are my followers?

  • You have a decent amount of followers but they do not engage with you.

  • You are tired of searching the internet on "how to grow your Instagram" and feel lost without a real plan for growth.

  • You want to have a real influence on Instagram without buying followers, spend tons of money on a social media manager or worse – spend all your free hours scrolling.

Trust me, I've been there.

I started my work as a fashion blogger in 2015, and in three years I had 75K followers, a great engaged tribe and I was working with major brands like Macy’s, Swarovski and JCPenney. Everything came crashing down last summer, when my account was hacked and I lost all my followers.


Everything I built on Instagram was gone in an instant.


But rather than give up, I doubled down and focused on what I had learned in the 4 years I’d been blogging and working on Instagram.


I came up with a strategy that REALLY WORKED, and in less than a year, I had taken my follower account from 0-40K. This was all using the strategies and tips I’ll be sharing with you in this course.

Are you ready to grow your tribe and bank account?



  • Work on your mindset, gain clarity about your purpose and message on Instagram

  • The powerful method to define your ICA - ideal customer avatar - find your ideal follower and know exactly how to attract them

  • How to work around the algorithm biases - yes, there is a way!

  • Understand the importance and how to read the Instagram insights in a simple and effective way that helps you get real results

  • Master my 3 part Instagram success system ( clarity, content and community) so you never feel confused about how to get results again

  • How to turn your followers into loyal fans that support your business and are ready to buy from you

  • How to network and build your own community / same minded business women and why this is important for your ultimate success

Bonus Module 1

The one secret that will make your number of
followers skyrocket overnight! (and it doesn’t
involve buying fake followers ;)

Bonus Module 2

If you are doing this one thing on Instagram,
you are missing out! How to build the trust factor
with your followers - FAST and get
rewarded by the algorithm

You'll also gain access to a closed Facebook group where you can talk and exchange ideas with other #bossbabes including me, where I’ll guide you each step of the way.


Plus for 4 weeks, you'll be able to ask your questions and I will answer them!

You will walk away from this course:

  • With tried and true strategies that work to grow your tribe and your business on Instagram

  • With a clear sense of your brand, message and ideal follower

  • A strategic, easy to implement success system that will skyrocket your engagement and grow your tribe 

  • Feeling empowered and confident and ready to take control of your Instagram! 

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2 Easy Installments of $103 

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You might be asking yourself… Ok Monica this sounds great, but how does this sounds different from all the podcasts/ articles I read online? Or from that Instagram masterclass I took?

I completely understand your worries! I myself spent money in courses, time on masterclass, scrolling on Instagram and looking at successful Instagram influencers wondering how they did it... that left me wondering if there was a REAL and simple roadmap that would be easy and fast to implement.


Something that allowed me to be my authentic self while having my message heard…  A plan that wouldn’t require more of my hours, but less ( I’m a mom of two, and I’m sure you are busy with school/work/ yourself!) A plan that left me feeling confident and empowered to finally have an impact on Instagram!

My course is simple, fast and to the point. I’m not a social media manager that grew big brands accounts that have tons of money available for marketing. I grew my own! And I’m ready to guide you on this journey.  And with my Facebook group, you will have me supporting you along the way. You will have assistance and my support on this journey of building your online presence.